Health Goals

My Health Goals for 2017 are

  1. Learn and Share more on PCOD, Migraine & Menstruation related problems
  2. Establish and Practice Healthiest Routine
  3. Discover and Explore the bounties of Hijama
  4. Clear all blood test reports without a hint of any disease
  5. Get in better shape

I’ve always been on the chubby to the fat side of the lane, even as a kid my weight was always a problem (of others) and a matter of discussion. While none of their body shaming ever got to me, I did somehow realize the necessity of living and eating healthy. The funny part is that all of what I was told and recommended was, in fact, nothing close to a good routine, and merely tricks of losing weight ( which backfired as I lost tons of muscle weight and got weaker over time).

After I learned a couple of things, I made a habit of researching ( not just googling) health routine and foods that actually do make your life better and not just help you lose weight. Till date, I make sure to add to my knowledge every day and well its surprising how the majority of us habit so many common misconceptions. This part of my blog is to share my routine and struggle of shifting to a healthy bandwagon, while also sharing knowledge of PCOS for fellow females suffering from it 🙂

Let’s Live and Be Healthier!


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