Ground and gravity

We dream to fly but hold fear of falling;

We desire the sky but hide ourselves from soaring;

We’re beings of need but of need of ours we know nothing.

To be sane, to keep moving; To stay put and keep growing, All we need is some ground and gravity.

We long for change but admire uniformity; Our souls wish light and hearts yearn warmth, a little nature and a little human, Of either the two, this world has none.

We’re beings of need but of need of ours we know nothing; we ask too much for a man made of clay,

All we need is some ground and gravity.



It only hurts when you name it.

We never acknowledged its presence and hence it infected us till the roots were strong enough to cripple the world itself.

Abuse; it’s funny how the love of or from people that matter the most and care the most somehow result in such absurdity sometimes. I was loved beyond a child my age could dream of, my dreams were fulfilled before I even spoke, privileged? Definitely. But even that comes at a cost. I had to pay for it with my soul, my sanity.

Shouting and screaming was usual, so usual that the volume of an average conversation was tuned up to 10 times at my home. It’s never scary if you grow up seeing it, I never thought it was wrong until I saw what it did to me, my siblings, my personality. Until it was too late.

Independence at home was proportional to winters in Canada, zero wasn’t the minimum. Authoritative only barely described the leadership at home, oh but it wasn’t all bad. Never all bad. So many gatherings at my house when the laughter echoed through the walls, so many lives aided and supported by my dear grandfather and then my parents. I’ve seen them give away so much of them, I’ve also seen people greedily take away parts so big that vacated our lives. All without gratitude, appreciation was a concept lost apparently.

They say, If I saw it as a child it should seem okay by now, but I’m sorry it doesn’t. You don’t get ‘used to’ of abuse, you just can’t be content in a life that shouts dissatisfaction from the very core. My friends assume I’d do better than them in an abusive situation because of the background that I come from, so easily they regard themselves as less compromising, how dare they?

I wish people would stop abusing others, I wish we’d mind our own businesses, I wish that souls had more glue so they wouldn’t dissipate so easily. Why has the Earth become so hostile? If I stop and count the abuse around me in a day I’d need to lay out my intestines to have enough ounces to count against.

What went wrong you ask, why are we mentally, physically, emotionally  and spiritually abused so very regularly? Because we feed fear instead of values. Abuse has become our everyday, and sadly, we relish in it.

Time to Leave

I’m standing still in the middle of my messy room, all my stuff is out on the floor, the bed and everywhere else. There are clothes I don’t wear, shoes that don’t fit, socks missing a pair, bags that are worn off, sheets that are ripped from edges and wires, so many wires for what I’ve no clue.

I finally lift my head up after what seemed to be just a minute of numbness, it’s been three hours, is it?

I haven’t packed, my shelf is dusted and clean but, the rest, why do I have so many of things that I don’t use or need? How come I wasn’t aware of all that occupy my life, my space, where do I pack these? Why do I pack these?

I know I’m wasting time I don’t have, any minute I’ll hear them calling for me to leave for good, how does one leave home?

I don’t care if it’s bigger and better, it’s no good if it won’t carry any memories of the life I’ve built, no stains of my past, no dirt from my existence, why move to an empty white from this beautiful colorful mess.

Do I even make sense? I don’t even know where to start from, the stationary that can be replaced or the collectibles that my mother calls trash. Can I end myself in this moment and dig up a grave for my soul in this place right here? Let my body wander off to wherever it’s destined and I stay safe in my cocoon that holds all of me in every ounce of its space.

With that thought , I shut my eyes again, this time, letting it consume all of me, bits and pieces, and then they call and it’s finally time to leave, I hear them and stay, for as long as I’ve got, gathering my memories and locking their faces in mind, tears and pain, numbness and relief.

Then they say again, ‘it’s time for her burial’.

Hollow City – A Review



Title: Hollow City
Author: Ransom Riggs
Genre: Supernatural Fantasy / Sci-Fi Fantasy / Historical Fantasy
Series: Yes; Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Short Review: A tale of intriguing adventures of peculiar children mixed with time travel, war and romance told with unique historical pictures.

page-breakh.jpgQuotes from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

❤“When someone won’t let you in, eventually you stop knocking.”

❤“We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing in them becomes too high.”

❤“Strange, I thought, how you can be living your dreams and your nightmares at the very same time.”

❤“..what an unchallenged life it would be if we always got things right on the first go.”

❤“…slow and drunk is no match for fast and scared shitless.”

❤“Just because they knew it was lost didn’t mean they knew how to let it go.”



Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was the surprise best seller of 2011—an unprecedented mix of YA fantasy and vintage photography that enthralled readers and critics alike. Publishers Weekly called it “an enjoyable, eccentric read, distinguished by well-developed characters, a believable Welsh setting, and some very creepy monsters.”

This second novel begins in 1940, immediately after the first book ended. Having escaped Miss Peregrine’s island by the skin of their teeth, Jacob and his new friends must journey to London, the peculiar capital of the world. Along the way, they encounter new allies, a menagerie of peculiar animals, and other unexpected surprises.

Complete with dozens of newly discovered (and thoroughly mesmerizing) vintage photographs, this new adventure will delight readers of all ages.



Hollow City does a good job of creating a captivating, magical world and accompanying the plot with finely selected vintage photos.

The photographs in Hollow City are just as bizarre and outlandish as the ones in the first book. I love the way the photos tie into the story and how each photo seems to tell a story of it’s own.

It was exciting to see the world outside of Cairnholm and to read about the Peculiar children who are traveling to London. The first novel in the series had a very closed environment to it and it was amazing to see the expanded world of the Peculiar. The world-building in Hollow City is thorough and readers will be brought to new loops where there are peculiar animals and other unexpected creatures. I loved visiting so many varied locations and reading about the distinct Peculiar locals.

There was however, a lot of repetitiveness, with all the kids on run and wights catching up every other chapter. I also felt it was dragged unnecessarily and wanted to skip thru some chapters but I didn’t (Yay me!)

I was constantly told not to continue the series as it gets worse, well it didn’t. Again, I didn’t enjoy the writing as much but the vintage pictures made up for it. The trilogy is still a better option than many other fantasy out there.

Read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children to find out! Or goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47


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I will love you until my dying day

Evolution. I recently grasped the true meaning of this word. Everything evolves over time, everything and everyone.

I did too, from not believing to madly falling in love. I’ve learned how its imperfect in every way but that’s what makes it beautiful. The lack of need to fix it, better it, beautify it. It’s the simplest and most basic relation shared between two very ordinary people. Not much different than what you feel for your mother, father, brother, sister or a friend, not much different than the feeling you get when you smell a new book or eat chocolate cake or spent a night at the beach. In all my life, nothing has broken me and shattered me as completely as love did, but nothing ever forged me as perfectly as love did. I married my best friend this year and even though life became harder and impossible,  he’s the constant I need in my life.

The first time I learned about this song, I laughed how cruel poetry is to reflect on something nonexistent. I never dreamed in the best of my dreams to experience something close, but I did and no amount of prostrates are enough to express my gratitude towards Him for blessing me with my Elmo. Here’s to you, Moeed, though I seriously doubt you’d see this.

Never knew I could feel like this
Like I’ve never seen the sky before
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Everyday I love you more and more
Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings
Telling me to give you everything
Seasons may change winter to spring
But I love you until the end of time

Come what may, come what may
I will love you until my dying day

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste
It all revolves around you

And there’s no mountain too high no river too wide
Sing out this song and I’ll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather and stars may collide
But I love you until the end of time

Come what may, come what may 
I will love you until my dying day
Oh come what may, come what may 
I will love you 

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place…

Come what may, come what may 
I will love you until my dying day