Book Review Policy

I review books as I read (usually one or two every week) based on the following:

  1. Characters

    I read for pleasure and it’s almost impossible to get into the story if the characters are not well laid out or poorly constructed. I do not do books that work too much on the story and little or no on the characters.

  2. Plot

    I don’t rate the story itself, but the plot and how the story is divided from beginning to end. Short quick stories are less impacting but usually good, too much suspense with no reveal is a tricky business as well and hence only authors who either make it short or keep it interesting throughout getting the stars.

  3. Originality 

    While it’s okay for books to remind you of certain stories, sometimes they’re entirely the same and just in different words. Don’t get me wrong, I love retelling and like, but as long as only the concept is the same. I like when characters are named carefully,

  4. Predictability

    Basically, I like when the story seems new and unpredictable. Not when I can tell exactly how and when it’ll end.

  5. Writing Language

    The most important thing at the last, language is indeed the trickiest of all, right vocabulary to suit your audience and genre. There is no perfect way to put it but I’ve read too many books where the writing was too pretentious, too many jargons, unnecessary breaks and ineffective metaphors et cetera.

So all of the above comprising my rating of 5 Stars based on the entire Reading Experience, and anything that adds or lessens it.

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I’m a fantasy hoarder but you can find me drooling over Coelho and Murakami at any bookshop.If you want to request a review of your work, please message in the comments or write to me at, I usually take 10-15 days for a detailed review on all media.

*My Reviews are solely based on my personal reading experience and are not influenced by any sort of request/blog/person.