Beard is not Islam.

Dear People of this world,

The heartless souls of the ones responsible for the attacks on civilians worldwide, the extent of hatred and darkness embedded in their evil dark mind is truly inexplicable. Their actions are beyond an ordinary man’s understanding. I don’t even consider them humans, let alone Muslims. It’s unfortunate enough that we home such filthy of animals, don’t make it any worse by calling them Muslims, don’t dare mark them the scholars of Islam. My religion preaches justice, it embraces kindness, Islam is about humanity, about peace, about brotherhood, above all, My religion is about harmony. Whatever school of thought you belong to, regardless of your actions and beliefs, if you’ve ever truly read/heard about Islam, you know it only talks about peace.

It’s devastating to see innocent lives taken away with such brutality, what makes it worse is the relation we derive based on physical appearances.

Beard is NOT Islam. Period.

Our hearts are filled with deep remorse, our consoling words make no difference to the miserable and tragic-filled lives of the parents, siblings, family, friends of the hurt, the deceased, the whole of the world is filled with terror, every human drowned in disgust and agony. The feeling so strong that it pinches every time you blink, so terrifying that all of life suddenly turns meaningless.

You can’t make it better no matter what you do, no amount of money, time or comfort can ease their pain. Nothing can soothe their broken hearts, their shattered dreams, their damaged home. No luxury can replace the sight of their dead!

No matter what you do, you can never feel our pain. We all lost our people that day, We, Muslims have lost an innocent part of us. The least you can do is, avoid your pointless logic of relating Islam with what it’s far against of.

With deep regrets and raging anger,


30 thoughts on “Beard is not Islam.

  1. It’s unfortunate as to what is happening in the world and how people join them with people of great honour, it is near about insanity when you put the parables of Scholars with people who take innocent lives indiscriminately.

    I hope Allah guides us all.

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    • haha I got that and fixed it :p
      a typo, wrote this piece long back when I was made about something I don’t remember now. Probably half the things up there don’t make sense or go along smoothly but it gives away the point so it stays ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Why is beard is not Islam? The beard is definitely Part of Islam. You should say, Beard is not Terrorism. Or the Beard is not the only characteristic for being a god believer. But a believer should definitely not cut his beard, thats a sin. So having a beard is part of Islam. Go and search for the proves if you did not know them. And also Islam is no only peace and love. This is denying that Islam is talking about punishment and war too. It is you cant deny. You might talk only about love and peace, and so most sufis do, but Islam in fact is talking about violence too, Allah is doing in the Koran. Do the terrorist came up with all the ayat talking about war and punishment? No they are abusing them! right, but they are there in original Islam, they are part of it. Islam means literally to submission not Peace. And Muhammad did war and he did punish. SalAllahu alayhi wa sallam. and so did the sahaba and the salaf and all generations of Islam. That does not mean that terrorists are right, but that mean violence and war are part of Islam but in the best possible way of doing it, not in the terrorists way. This is not extrem, as every society says that violence and even war is sometimes needed. every society does use violence every single day. Would not everyone agree, that if the so called IS the Daish if they would have a country not attacking anyone but they would really prepare the Atombomb and they would openly show that. So whould you then say: ‘Ah Islam is peace not war, lets go an talk to them?!’ Okay we talk to them, but they say : ‘go to hell disbeliever’. What you do? Right, war! you would attack them if you are logic and sound. So violence is sometimes needed. So people like you are helping nobody but the terrorists themselves. They are claiming that the Muslims would not taking their responsibility so this is why they have to do the dschihad that nobody does. Muslims like you are lieng always war and dschihad would not be part of Islam, so you are helping them. Afterwards its easy for them to show the evidences for war and then they can say, that they would be the only one who are doing this. In fact they are not and they are violating the restrictions and conditions for war. So if you want to fight against terrorists with words. You have to say: Islam is in general a peaceful Religion, but sometimes it requires war under this and this restrictions and conditions proven to ayat and hadith so and do and the terrorists are violating it in this and that way and its from the sunna to kill terrorists if they appear and start violence. you got it? dont be ashemed of your religion! explain it. and I agree before you could to this and this is the main problem for most muslims, you should have studied Islam better.

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  3. As you said, Beard is only a ‘part’ it doesn’t reflect whether or not a person is a Muslim. A Muslim with a beard goes to show the intensity of his faith not the other way around. I never talked about cutting a beard but it is not a sin, having a beard isn’t compulsory for a Muslim man, it is not like Hijab for women. Islam is about peace, peace doesn’t mean there isn’t any punishment, again, that’s your own perception of my word. Punishment are war are a circumstance of extreme events, constantly in the Quran and the teachings we’re taught about patience and forgiveness. Our Prophet opted war as a last resort, he first tried by word, by actions and later by Allah’s command fought for the right. Violence isn’t a part of Islam, I’m sorry but you’re wrong, war and punishment are different than violence, Islam promotes peace, it wants us to have patience ‘Sabr’ its mentioned multiple times in the Quran followed by numerous hadiths, its part of our belief but violence isn’t.

    Your comment is biased and I feel upset about it, I also feel like giving you the benefit of the doubt as you might think the word violence in English is equivalent to justice. But its not. My facts are right, I haven’t misinterpret my religion or mentioned anything against Islam.
    And just before ending this, you have no right to state that I’m ashamed of my religion, if anything I’m ashamed that I share it with those who’re terrorists and that there are people such as yourself who would highlight the darker side of the religion negatively.
    If you feel the need to debate about violence, that you feel its same as war and punishment, I’m open to that debate. But if you want to continue on the fact that ‘Islam promotes violence’ please refrain from commenting as you’re not helping anyone in anyway.


  4. First of all. Good that you accept that war and punishment is from Islam. forgiveness is better then punishment. But if you kill my wife, I have the right to ask the leader to kill you. Allah gave me this right of violence. Do you deny that? You dont call it violence but it is. If the leader is killing the murder of my wife. Allah will protect my wife from any harm. It is violence it is killing, but in this killing is wisdom. it is a killing who is protecting live. It is not a senseless killing, like the killing of the terrorists and it is violence under control. Why you get my comment into extrems. I dit not say, that ‘Islam is promoting violence’ in general as the Islam haters do. But Yes sometime Islam is promoting violence, killing. Yes it does. If the enemy is attacking us or are treat for our religion. The islamic state has the right to call for violence and war. whats wrong with that? All western people love when they look movies like star wars, and then they enjob when the ‘good Side’ of the power is calling to war against the evil side. But if Islam is doing it, then we speak about it, as if that would not be violence… And as if it would be a bad think and we would not be happy with it. Of corse, freedom is better then war. And forgiveness better then Punisment. But does the sahaba killed all male jews of a tribe after they attacked them? Does they or not? They does. Muhammad does and told us that this is the ruling of Allah himself. Allah himself is using violence against disbelievers. Whats wrong with that? Is throwing a stone on the Head of a person in his grave not violence? and then he recreate the head and is destroying it again and again and again. the hellfire is violence. Allah is shadidul ikab. Children can be beaten if they dont pray. Ommar ibn al khattab used to beat people who does not fear Allah. Whats wrong with it? The west is talking about that violence is bad. This is because they want that nobody is using violence against shaytan! this is a call from shaytan. Freedom, nobody should be forced to anything. Shaytan is happy about this. And he is scared about Omar and Muslims who are usisng violence in the right way of the sunnah. this is the singh of a beliefer, the kuffar are scared from him. yes he need patience and good manners and love and forgivenes. And yes the sahaba hat been to best in that. And yes the prophet had been even better. But whats your problem with the word violence?

    And you claimed that cutting of the beard is not haram. go back and search all of the four madhahib said it is haram. Only some todays so called scholars are claiming that it is not. Go back to what the scholars of the salaf said, not what some todays secularists are telling you. The prophet told us, that the muslims are not cutting their beard or forbid it and the salaf all said it is haram. Imam Abu Hanifa, so founder of the hanifmadhab even had been doubtfull about the prayer behind a person without beard and a lof of scholars did not even talked to people without beard. Go back and search. Today most of the so caled hanifs, are claiming it is sunnah, while Imam abu hanifa did not like to pray behind such a person… The result of blindly following disires, the result of secular preach.

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  5. Allah didn’t give you right of violence, Allah gave you the right of justice. Your English is not understandable, sorry. But if you seriously believe that killing is in any way an act of wisdom, you’re deranged.
    Beard doesn’t decide if you’re a believer, Allah wouldn’t deny a Muslim’s prayers only because he doesn’t have a beard.
    Today’s world teaches a lot of things which are wrong, I agree but we need to end them by showing the right side of the religion, not the extreme side.
    Today’s world is logical, explain people with logic, even faith can be put into words and when they do, people believe.
    Look all around you, many non-believers turn Muslim every single day by people who show the true side of Islam, if people like you go around being so prejudiced no one would be inspired.
    I’m sorry but you present a very negative image of my religion, while what you know is not wrong, your words are hateful and discriminating, that’s very upsetting because where you could’ve inspired me to become better you only angered me to be judgmental. If I didn’t know better, I would form the same opinion of the religion based on your descriptions.
    The extremists are born from the thinking that you share, please try to understand that while justice in Islam is of utmost importance, tolerance is too. The hell is torture and yes its the opposite of all that is good and peaceful but that’s after one’s death, after a life full of opportunities to repent and be forgiven.
    Allah is not like the sahaba and the prophet, He is forgiving and that’s what he tells all us believers to never stop the hope of being forgiven no matter what. If I believe only one side of the religion, that I can take revenge of murder by murder, harassment by harassment, then what becomes of me?
    That’s not the Islamic way of living, when you see something wrong you hide it, correct it, yes you have the right to seek justice but isn’t it also said that Allah loves those who forgive, and that He would forgive us if we did the same to His people for His sake.
    I wouldn’t argue anymore, I don’t doubt your knowledge in Islam is better than mine, I don’t doubt you practice religion better than I but I feel sorry because your words implied that you’re a better Muslim and that in itself is so wrong.
    even my beloved Prophet was humble and modest, who do you think you are to claim to be better than me? I’m always careful about what I post, especially regarding religion because I understand words hold a very deep and lasting impact, unfortunately you weren’t.
    As much as I enjoy and appreciate feedback, I’d rather have you not.


  6. Hello, I was reading through this post and I was wondering if you would consider taking your time to have a look at a book written about human rights in Islam and provide me with some feedback? Please let me know if that interests you.

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  7. who said beard is islam? why are you making up your own story and then refuting it? there are people of other religions too who keep beards such as orthodox jews,sikhs, Amish etc..
    it does not make them muslims nor anyone believes they are muslims because they have beards.
    there are thugs who dress up like cops to rob people but that doesn’t justify asking real cops to discontinue wearing their uniforms.


    • You’re so out of context here.
      Where I’m from, this is a misperception, majority are conditioned to believe that one’s with beard practice religion better than the ones who don’t.


      • where i am from majority are conditioned to believe that anyone who can speak English is an educated person although there are many people i have met who are illiterate ,they can’t even write their names properly are able to speak English fluently because its their mother tongue ( Anglo Indians).
        does it makes sense to speak against learning English? or to make it appear as if English language is not worthy of such attention?
        what you appear to suggest is keeping beard is not so important in islam but the fact is its a highly recommended sunnah such as sikhs keeping long hair according to their custom.
        why do you have to bring up rotten eggs to describe health benefits ?
        why can’t you take it as examples good muslims who adhere to islamic teachings ,keep beards ,never harm anyone and are peaceful?
        will you ask for a clean shaven imam to lead the janaza prayer if someone dies?
        why you oppologist are so obsessed with western cultures?
        was prophet s.a.w clean shaven or can you prove to me any oh his companions were clean shaven?
        why are you using terrorists to encourage people to abandon prophet’s sunnah?
        beard is not islam but beard is in islam, do accept it? if yes then i must say i got you wrong if not then whatever i said i mean it.


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