Beard is not Islam.

Dear People of this world,

The heartless souls of the ones responsible for the attacks on civilians worldwide, the extent of hatred and darkness embedded in their evil dark mind is truly inexplicable. Their actions are beyond an ordinary man’s understanding. I don’t even consider them humans, let alone Muslims. It’s unfortunate enough that we home such filthy of animals, don’t make it any worse by calling them Muslims, don’t dare mark them the scholars of Islam. My religion preaches justice, it embraces kindness, Islam is about humanity, about peace, about brotherhood, above all, My religion is about harmony. Whatever school of thought you belong to, regardless of your actions and beliefs, if you’ve ever truly read/heard about Islam, you know it only talks about peace.

It’s devastating to see innocent lives taken away with such brutality, what makes it worse is the relation we derive based on physical appearances.

Beard is NOT Islam. Period.

Our hearts are filled with deep remorse, our consoling words make no difference to the miserable and tragic-filled lives of the parents, siblings, family, friends of the hurt, the deceased, the whole of the world is filled with terror, every human drowned in disgust and agony. The feeling so strong that it pinches every time you blink, so terrifying that all of life suddenly turns meaningless.

You can’t make it better no matter what you do, no amount of money, time or comfort can ease their pain. Nothing can soothe their broken hearts, their shattered dreams, their damaged home. No luxury can replace the sight of their dead!

No matter what you do, you can never feel our pain. We all lost our people that day, We, Muslims have lost an innocent part of us. The least you can do is, avoid your pointless logic of relating Islam with what it’s far against of.

With deep regrets and raging anger,


18 thoughts on “Beard is not Islam.

  1. It’s unfortunate as to what is happening in the world and how people join them with people of great honour, it is near about insanity when you put the parables of Scholars with people who take innocent lives indiscriminately.

    I hope Allah guides us all.

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    • haha I got that and fixed it :p
      a typo, wrote this piece long back when I was made about something I don’t remember now. Probably half the things up there don’t make sense or go along smoothly but it gives away the point so it stays 😀


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