He held my leash. But only when he was present.

I respected how they listened to me, gifted me some privacy. I just didn’t expect it would be that easy to rid myself of all those who claimed to care, to love.

I breathed ‘You’re okay, you’re fine’ to myself all night long last night, I chanted ‘you’ll get through this‘ every second I was left alone with my bare thoughts in the bathroom and the kitchen. I never thought it would come down to this, that my sanity would be questionable even by my very low standards.

I can’t seem to hold on to hope any longer, the world is crashing down and I’m holding tight to the last tug of life. I remind myself I’m normal, sane, not suicidal, but I doubt it. Do I need help? Does anyone need to be alarmed?

Is it too late?


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