Have you heard of The Fox Box yet?

The development of children is not just a parent’s but also a nation’s concern, where the world is drenched in technology and media somewhere in the middle the average child of today lags behind in emotional and cognitive development.

The scholars and parents of earlier era suggest allowing children more time outdoors and a little time away from technology and that’s exactly where The Fox Box comes in.

The Fox Box, Pakistan’s first subscription box for children between the ages of 0 to 3 years is an amazing initiative by our very own. It is specially curated with activities that will help boost your child’s social, mental, cognitive, motor and emotional skills. They are open for orders for the August box with the theme ‘My Animal Friends’

If you’re not aware of what a subscription box is let me enlighten you, you subscribe for a box full of surprise goods based on the theme, the box arrives monthly as you pay via your chosen payment method. The surprise goodies, in this case, are for toddlers and would definitely help in their development.

What does the box contain?

It will include fun play-learn activities for your child and other items and guides for you to aid your parenting because they understand how there’s never enough help and advice for a parent with a child of any age.

Fortunately, I got to interview Maryam; the curator or The Fox Box, to learn more about her business and inspirations, here’s what she had to say:

  1. What inspired you to start The Fox box?

    I am a mom to an 18th-month-old and a four-month-old and am constantly looking for fun activities for them that educate along with entertain. I was researching things on google, and you know how that can be, one thing leads to another. I read up tons of material on how the first three years are the most important in a child’s brain development. And then it hit me how so many moms have no clue about this and how we could work on telling them about different activities that strengthen different skills in kids.

  2. What is the one thing you’d like to achieve from this business?

    It would be amazing if we could help transition kids away from activities like tv and cell phones that don’t have any influence on their learning. Also, it would do kids the world of good if parents take out the time to interact with them through play-learn activities.

  3. On what basis does The Fox Box claim to contain tools for child’s development? 

    We have chosen a few skills that are honed during the first three years. Namely; motor, cognitive, emotional and social. All the activities in The Fox Box target these areas of a child’s development.

  4. Is the fox box limited to Pakistan or do you plan to deliver internationally?

    For now, we are only catering to Pakistani audiences.

  5. Any certain message you’d like to pass to parents?

    Children are inherently curious and it is up to us to channel their curiosity into creativity. Imaginative play and learning activities go a long way in teaching children problem solving and give them the base for emotional and social connections. Sparing five minutes a few times each day to the development of your child’s brain will help set the stage for a sharper future.

  6. Would you like to pass any special discounts for newcomers?

    We are currently offering free shipping nationwide and are also holding a contest with a really fun prize. There will be many opportunities to get extra goodies in their box and discounts too in the future!


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