A Court of Wings and Ruins – A Review


: A Court of Wings and Ruin
Commonly Known as ACOWAR

AuthorSarah J. Maas
Author of Throne of Glass Series

GenreFantasy Fiction

Pages: 705

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐



My Review

A Court of Wings and Ruins is the third (and the worst so far) installment in A Court of Thorns and Roses series of six. I’ve loved the first book; A Court of Thorns and Rosesand the second; A court of Mist and Fury.

If you haven’t already read the first two book, here’s a quick recap, if you have then you may skip the next paragraph.

Feyre is a hunter that kills a Faerie to survive and then is taken captive by the High Lord Tamlin to the Spring Court of Prythian; the Faerie Realm, to pay for the life she’s taken. There she’s welcomed as a guest and less as a prisoner and meets her new best friend; Lucien, later she falls for Tamlin and discovers that Prythian is under a curse. The Faerie Realm is almost destroyed as Feyre fights Amarantha and free not just his beloved but the rest of the Prythian as well. Later she learns that she’s bound to Rhysand, the High lord of the Night Court and eventually falls for him too. Meanwhile, Tamlin acts overprotectively and drives Feyre away, she runs off to the Night Court and gets sold out to Hybern; the evil of them all. Hybern ruins all of Feyre’s dreams and turns both her human sisters into Fae, she also looses her High Lord and mate and is taken back to the Spring Court by Tamlin who she now despises for trading her sisters and their safety to Hybern. The third book starts from when Feyra is in Spring Court and plotting against her former betrothed and Hybern. 

This book is 700 pages long and I was bored for at least the half of it. Mind that I like Sarah’s writing but ACOWAR was nothing like the first two books, it was slow and dragged and I felt that it was very repetitive. Not to forget the cringeworthy overinclusive sex scenes. I did enjoy the steamy Feyre and Tamlin/Rhysand in the first two books but as the story proceeds it just made me furious how they could manage to be so horny in the middle of all the chaos and the life-ending situations. By the end of 300 ish pages, I was furious as the story was just revolving and not proceeding at all. Emphasizing again and again over the characters and their strengths which didn’t make them sound strong impact made them look the opposite like the author is trying to sell them.The last few

The last few chapters, however, were great, the war and the details were beautifully put but I don’t see the point of dragging the book to seven hundred something pages for it, it could’ve easily been a 500 pages book and would’ve been more interesting and thrilling. There were also some plot holes unlike in the earlier books, a lot of new characters were introduced and I loved them all but I wish the story had more of it, it just revolved around the same old Mor, Azriel, Feyre, Lucien, Cassion, Rhysand… We meet the High Lords of all the other courts and well that’s it, just meet them, briefly. There is an interesting twist with Lucien which is one thing I’m looking forward to in the next installment, I also wish they talked more of the Firebird and Elain was also featured more.

Overall the experience wasn’t worth at all, I anticipated this book SO much over the past few months that when I started reading it I was absolutely disappointed. ACOMAF took me a day or two to finish but this took me six and there were parts where I just skimmed through a page and skipped lines to read dialogues, I even forced myself to finish off a chapter which hardly happens in the middle of a fantasy series, it’s almost impossible. Only the last couple of chapters comprising of about 200 pages was thrilling and enjoyable like a usual J.Maas.  I also feel like the story could’ve ended here, I don’t really like how they’re going to drag it just for the sake of making it commercial.


Quoting from ACOWAR

“My rage had become a living thing inside my chest, an echoing heartbeat that soothed me to sleep and stirred me to waking.”  

“And will you come with me; On this adventure – and all the rest?…Always” 

“Kindness can thrive even amongst cruelty.” 

“We’re all a broken, in our own ways – In places, no one might see.” 

“When you erupt, girl, make sure it is felt across worlds.” 

“Night Triumphant – and the Stars Eternal. If he was the sweet, terrifying darkness, I was the glittering light that only his shadows could make clear.”



A nightmare, I’d told Tamlin. I was the nightmare.

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit—and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well. As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords—and hunt for allies in unexpected places.


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