I’m reading Slammed!


Hey Bookworms, I’m back with this week’s Friday56. Its a weekly meme hosted by Freda over at her blog.

This week I picked up Colleen Hoover to quote. I’m reading the Slammed series for now and while I’m not turning into quite a fan, I do enjoy the poetry and bits of romance.

Since I’ve already started the second installment, I’ll quote the point of retreat for Friday56.



Page 56 of Point of Retreat | Colleen Hoover

“when I shut the door behind me, I feel like I left a moment too soon. When I walk back in, she’s facing the other way, folding a towel. I turn her around and take the towel out of her hands. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her again, but better this time. “I Love you,” I say again. She sighs and leans into me. “I can’t wait until next weekend, Will. I wish it would just hurry up and get here. You and me both.”


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