1 Solution to 10 Health Problems

Hey guys,

I’ve always despised medicines and hence any flu or fever attack would last longer and infections would take over my body easily. I tried homeopathy and allopathy and found homeopathy to be better as herbal medicine is less harmful to the body than chemical infused pills, however, both have side effects and both show temporary results, I’ve suffered from severe (nearly killing) migraines since childhood and PCOD which lead to hormonal imbalance and inconsistent menstrual cycle apart from other minor diseases, and I’ve been lucky to have my body rid of all pains and problems recently and thought I’d share it with the world.

So I’m going to point out 10 problems that I or my friends/relatives suffered from and were definitely cured by this technique.

  1. Migraine / Headaches

    I’ve had killing headaches for as long as I can remember, I used to hit my head against the wall (literally) and have tried most strong drugs to help. I’ve even fainted from the pain several times and visited many psychiatrists but only got more medicines. I tried Hijama once and it’s been 6 months without any a headache, not even minor ones.

    It also releases of hazardous chemicals from the body, which reduces stress and depression and all sorts of pain concerning head so that’s an added benefit.

  2. Backache / Disc Problems / Lower Back Pain

    I once fell hard on my back in the pool and have suffered from a backache for minor things such as bending for a longer period and even had troubles in salah. I used to have severe attacks at nights and around my cycle and doctor suggested that the disc was moved off its location causing intense pain, three months of medicines only relaxed the pain triggering it off at awkward times. Post Hijama, I’ve never had the same ache again, the back is fine and bending is no problem at all.

  3. Abdominal Cramps / Menstrual Pain / Blue Balls

     Read 2 and 4. 

  4. Sciatica / Painful Muscle Spasms / Nerve Tingling Pain

    All three of the above occur due to more or less the same factors, sleep and stress being among the others. Hijama rejuvenates the body forgoing stress and tension in the muscles, also releasing acid and other toxic liquid along with bad blood. It results in diminishing any and all sorts of pain.

  5. PCOD / PCOS / Polycystic Ovaries

    For PCOD the patients are required to run a Hijama for 3 consecutive months which not only regulated the production of Eggs but also cleanses the ovaries to function periodically. No more delays in monthly cycles and no more trouble with pregnancy.

  6. Infertility in both Men and Women / Problems to conceive

    Apart from PCOS, many other problems prevent conceiving, Hijama prolongs the life of eggs in female and the speed and sperm count in male, aiding the fertilization.

  7. Hair loss / unwanted hair growth

    Hair loss is due to lost minerals and nutrients in the body and Hijama helps with that, of course, your diet also needs to be fixed to help with hair loss but Hijama would eradicate any other factor, it also balances the hormones which cause unwanted hair for a female such as on chin or knuckles. For a male, it helps in testosterone building more and stronger muscles.

  8. Abnormal Weight Loss or Weight Gain

    There are many pressure points in our body, Hijama therapy is done at those points only and it releases and directs energy so any unwanted blood and chemicals are all released. This eliminates water retention and allows the body to function normally the body then neutralizes its weight. You wouldn’t gain or lose weight other than what your diet and routine make you.

  9. Skin Diseases / Acne / Lack of Freshness

    Cupping allows the body to release the toxins through secreting the bad blood, it then helps the skin to get better oxygen and hence appear fresher.

  10. Asthma / Breathing Problems

    Hijama helps blood circulation around the bronchi allowing better gaseous exchange hence easing asthma attacks and eliminating breathing problems. As said earlier Hijama helps the body get rid of toxins and also strengthens the immune system so any problem fixed wouldn’t reoccur easily.

So there you go, if you’d like to read more about Hijama, you can here. Please ensure the qualification of the Hijama Practitioner, recommended to do it in a known place, hospital or institution.

For those in Khobar/Dammam, the best Hijama Practitioner is Samya please comment below to get her number. She does Hijama herself for females and has someone for male as well, been practicing for over 20 years and always uses a new box of cups.


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