Ten Things On Our Reading Wishlist

So this weeks topic is one of my absolute favorites- I had to pick out 10 things I want more in books that I read, well you’d always find me saying this and that so here it goes in all its glory:

  1. Bonding!

    Think F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Think Gilmore Girls!
    Something like Hagrid-Harry, Aedion-Aelin, Jon-Sansa. Very, very few books focus on relationships other than romantic ones. I wish I’d see more of mother-daughter, cousins, friends, neighbors in all kinds of genre whether fantasy or Fiction.

  2. Standalone Fantasy!

    I LOVE fantasies and well I wish they’d come in a standalone for a change. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy trilogies or even longer series and most of my shelf is occupied by my ever growing fangirling over them but I wish for a change I’d have a standalone creating and covering another world.

  3. Illustrations and Pictures!

    Well I know most of you don’t like interruptions while reading but for me I think it would be great to have doodles or tiny illustrations among the books itself. Nothing grand like the illustrated versions but symbols or street signs just to make it more exciting for some readers.

  4. Fantasy Books with elderly Lead Characters

    I’ve hardly come across books in literature that emphasize on the elderly or show any importance other than the knowledge that they may have. While we all agree that they’re most experienced and wise, how come none of the fantasy focus on that for a change, Gandalf was one, lets create more and lets revolve the story around them for a change!

  5. More Diversity!

    Give me Transgender heroes, show me cultural and religious ethnicity, bring all of them in the picture, paint it with all them colors!

  6. Classics and Poetry

    I love modern day literature but I feel we can still publish more books with old-school writing and poetry, wouldn’t it be great to have new era’s ideology written like Shakespeare’s sonnets or Austen’s novels.

  7. Science Fiction Fantasy!

    Well or Sci-fi in general, I feel lack of technical stories out there. A thousand pieces of you was one book in that direction and well I wish there were more of it. Contemporary-Sci-fi-romance like.

  8. Multiple POVs!

    I’ve only read one author who dared to do it in her series, An ember in the ashes. Well its just the best to know all POVs together, makes the story so much better and real and well maximizes and intensifies the entire reading experience.

  9. Muslim Protagonists!

    I’m working on a book myself and although its super challenging to write a fiction considering the religion, I find it thrilling and well also an opportunity to present a brighter and a truer image of my religion. I wish there were more stories out there that caught the true essence of Islam and built series, literature has a lot of stories on Christianity, Judaism, atheism, why not positively and honestly cover Muslims for a change?

  10. Use more Geography!

    I wish more plots were set in not-so-common-places say Peru or Uganda. I’ve hardly come across stories based in Ukrain, Pakistan, Oman, Tunisia or I don’t know some gods damn forgotten Island. wouldn’t it be exciting to not read about Paris or Timesquare for a change :p

well that was my list, what would you like to see more in books? Share your own links of Top10 below or comment your list, would love to hear out 😀


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