5 New Things to Try!

5 Things on Sunday is a weekly meme started by Kendra. Each week is a different topic and today’s is Things to Try!

I love making lists and so this is one of my favorite memes. This week’s topic is 5 New Things to try and I’m guessing it’ll be hard to pick just five but I’ll try.

  1. Vlog

    I tried a couple unboxing videos last year and well it was fun. Now that I’m no longer an editing virgin, I want to start a vlog, since I’m camera shy I’d like to hear if people actually watch videos without faces :p I like to experiment with different ideas like caption/text or doodling/sketching while videos. Looking forward to hearing out from my blogosphere friends.

  2. Journal

    I always loved planners and wrote so many diaries but never kept an actual journal, not until 2016. So now I have a few journals that I doodle and draw in but not constantly, I’d like to do it constantly.

  3. Fitness Routine

    My weight has become a big nuisance this past year and so I’ve strictly started preaching the routine to prevent a weight gain and be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle from the start. Although I’m still in the process of discovering the best routine for myself (meal plans and workout included) I want to figure it out soon enough and implement it to my life. (Stick to it this time Naiha)

  4. Socializing

    I’ve been criticized for not being punctual, the thing is I don’t like leaving the house, my bed, and hence the delay. I really need to try socializing more with people, not just online (also online) but in person. Let’s see how that works out!

  5.  Laser

    I’ve been planning for a while now but can’t gather enough invisible balls to do it. It hurts I’ve heard – Yea I know – Yikes!

    But I also know that it would make things so much easier for a very long period of time, and my skin deserves some treat.


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