Hey, guys, I hope you’re all good.

What time is it at your place? I’m GMT+3:00 so it’s pretty much dawn here.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling so drained and psyched that it’s impossible to meet dear sleep again? Well, I thought so too. But lately, I’ve had different sort of nightmares, the ones that hover during bright daylight.

Life is, as usual, same old routine and lots to do and none that’s done. All ordinary, except, life is changing. I’m not scared of change, in fact, I believe changes are necessary for life and people and only bring good news, though most times we fail to acknowledge immediately. Despite trying hard, I’ve found myself surrounded by dark clouds of hopelessness and seems like there’s no escaping it this time.

I’ve never had many people as now, but I’ve never felt such loneliness inside of me. My heart and soul feel alien to my body, and there’s nothing I can do to fight myself. How does one fight nothingness anyway?

The water was boiled dry and smoke filled the kitchen, I didn’t remember I had kept it on stove an hour ago. The water running in the sink, did I forget to squeeze it shut? The alarm for work goes off reminding me it’s time to wake up, I didn’t even fall asleep yet, my bed barely warm. Good Morning?


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