5 Must Have Apps!

5 Things on Sunday is a weekly meme started by Kendra. Each week is a different topic and today’s is Must Have Apps on your phone/tablet.

I love the topic and I’m one of those people who have more than 5 screen on iPhone (equals to 50+ apps) and I use almost each one of them. so picking my top5 wasn’t the easiest but I cut it down nevertheless. Here’s my top5 Recommended Must Haves!

  1. Wunderlist

    Wunderlist_Logo.pngI’m a workaholic and understandably I plan a lot to do in a day (and fail). Without Wunderlist (and Google Keep on desktop) I’d be forever lost. I find it exceptionally organized and productive when it comes to making lists and sharing it with others. You must try it for noting down extra things quickly and never missing out on a note-ever.

  2. Goodreads

    download.jpgWell as you guys would know, I love reading and more often than not I find myself deprived of new books and I need to shop and download – in such scenarios Goodreads is a lifesaver. I’ve suffered my share of not-so-good books and well I don’t wish to anymore so a quick surf on goodreads tell me all that I need to know in a jiffy.

  3. 2-snapcode-to-special-discover-channel.pngSnapchat

    I’d rather snap than whatsapp-I love how they keep adding features and filters. Snapchat is a cool way to share videos and photos with friends and family and instantly connect with others.

  4. InstagramInstagram_App_Large_May2016_200.png

    I don’t pass a day without checking my instagram account – there were simpler times when I only posted HD pictures on my personal IG account but now life is different when you own a bookstagram.

  5. AA

    download.pngSometimes I have a few minutes to spare and well I can’t fit reading in it as it would just ruin whatever I would read. In those few moments, I love to dwell in aa. It’s so addictively amazing guys, I’m stuck on level 51, what about you? Have you tried it yet?


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