Definition of Happiness.

I’ve been in search as much as all of you, Merriam and Webster or Oxford and Cambridge didn’t go me any good so I made up my own definition of Happiness.

Happiness is an embrace of a loved one.
Father’s honor when he looks at his daughter up on stage.

Happiness is the cheer from an audience.
Mother’s smile when she sees his son respect women

Happiness is a compliment from a stranger
Sister’s Uncontrollable laugh when he tickles her blind

Happiness is a nod from another when in doubt.
Brother’s rising rage on seeing sister with a guy out late

Happiness is having Friend and Teachers.
Living Moments and Making Memories

Happiness is beauty and desire.
Nature and our world’s attire

Happiness is birth of a child.
Grandparents’ spoiling love for the children

Happiness is enjoying and playing.
Mouthful of Nutella and Bedtime stories

Happiness is nothing but the whole of it,
What we are and what we live in.

Happiness is…
You and Me, and all of us 🙂

I hope you wouldn’t need another definition ever again.


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