Her joy had no boundaries, like an endless sea, her heart stretched out to make room for her ever so bright smile.

She saw him after a long time, but he’s worth all of she’s been through, maybe he’s worth a little more.

She woke up early that day, dolled up for him to see, in complete oblivion to her unappealing self.

She laughed and smiled for him and  reached out for his hand too, he subtly asked her not to and she believed whatever reason he didn’t present.

They walked the side of the road, for him the walk of shame. She tried nudging back the horror thoughts, but all her tries went in vain.

He clearly isn’t subtle enough, perhaps he wishes for her to learn the bitter truth of her appearance. She isn’t a poster for pretty and how clearly the world wanted her to see, but little did she knew that her man wanted it too.

Sitting opposite to each other, she saw him avoiding her gaze, she saw the shame in his eyes, she saw him look away and there they sit.

Deafening silence around them and the two sit, no words and no gestures, but need not as his eyes tell her all of it. No words needed, no gestures.

She reminds herself of her love for him and how he’s been there before, utterly failing at the later she tries to brush the negative off and moves closer to him. Her hands around him and her eyes in search of love, only glad she wasn’t sent away this time.

He smiles and looks at her this one time and she breaks, all her soul and her full heart in pieces like a broken glass by all that his eyes just said. No love in them only words unsaid, she wished he’d say them out loud.

She fails every time and breaks a little more, her little heart cries out loud and he doesn’t hear it, no one hears it.

She shall change for him, for all of them. But she might remain no more, nothing of her, she’ll lose herself , her broken self, to him and the world full humans without hearts.


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