Letter to my Late Grandfather

Dear Nanu,

Two Months have passed since you left us, but the emptiness you crafted in my heart remains. I’ve missed you in days every so bright, thought about you in nights ever so calm, you don’t necessarily upset me, but your lingering memories leave a longing in my heart. I wish to see you.

I’ve only known you at your weakest, seen you at your most vulnerable. I’ve only really talked when you’re low and how much I wish I could’ve changed.

My dear nanu, you left us too soon. Too many conversations never happened, too many laughs yet to be shared, you were yet to cry on my wedding, yet to recite all those bedtime stories to my younger siblings. Now you’ve deprived them of the joy of it all.

I remember seeing you the last time, two years back, you looked old and tired, in a wheelchair, but you also looked happy. You always did care about all your children and their kids. I’ve seen you play both parents to them, seen you teach them much more than any other father does. You’re such an inspiration Nanu, even when you’re not among us, you’re such an inspiration.

I wish I had the time to ask you, how you did that. I wish I could hear your songs once more, your bedtime stories. No matter what the situation was, you always had something nice to say, always words to pull me up. I’ve looked up to you all those years when you drove and did daily chores, lived purposefully and never got tired, you were happy nanu, and you sure spread it all around you.

I used to love summers, as we visited you, I loved your home Nanu. So many times I fell in the garage, so many eggs and Squashes devoured from your dining table, so much laughter bagged in from your lounge, so much wisdom from you, nanu.

You were friends with my grandfather, you showed me another side to him. I envied your friendship and longed for a similar, you both had something to share, so much history and so much of life.

I vividly remember your stories from my childhood, stories that inspired me then, stories that only linger in my heart and soul now. I loved hearing you talk about your wife, to me she was nothing more than a name and my mother’s lost parent, as I never saw her, but thanks to you she became so much more. You made me see love beyond life, I felt its presence every time you mentioned her. You loved her ever so dearly, it showed in your empty smiles, how lucky she must’ve been, how amazing to have had the love of a man and let it remain even years after she’s deceased.

I’m missing you right now Nanu, I wish you knew just how much of my heart holds a place for you. I hope you’re in a better place, I hope you’re with her now, I send my love to you both. Till the day we may meet once again, till then, my heart will have an empty spot.

Your’s Truly,



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