5 Things Sunday | Traditions

Hey there Bookworms & Bloggers, Hope ya’ll had a lovely weekend!

5 Things Sunday is a weekly meme started by Kendra on her blog. Today’s topic is 5 Traditions I Keep and well here’s my list.

  1. Friday Family Breakfast

    Every Friday our breakfast is loaded with calories and carbohydrates. All of us, 9 people to count, enjoy our Nashta (eastern style breakfast). Usually I don’t fancy Parathas and Puris but on Friday its a big Yes! Indians and Pakistanis would agree.  So our Friday Breakfast Menu goes as 

    • Fried Eggs
    • Paratha (Flat Flour and Butter Bread )
    • Puri ( Crunchy Fried Bread )
    • Chanay/Cholay (Spicy Chick Peas Curry )
    • Halwa ( Dessert )
    • Bhaji (Potato and Chickpeas)
  2. karachi-cuisineLate Night Long Drive

    I don’t remember when we started it but late night long drives have become a tradition that even school nights can’t break. We fight in the car whether to play songs or to discuss politics, argue over things to be fixed in the house, and explain each others chores for the following day, and end with a cup of arabic coffee or starbucks.

    giphy (3).gif

  3. Yearly Harry Potter Marathon

    Usually every year before Ramadhan, me and my brother enjoy a full day and night of Harry Potter Movies in a row – now its moved from just me and my brother to the entire family 🙂 So every once in awhile in a few months, HP marathon is on!


  4. Grocery Trips

    The monthly grocery trips are like a trip to joyland – we all plan and go together and well its always a party for a week later on. 

    4u1Ru2bOQR2iQB9w9Rdw_Grocery Store Nic Cage.gif

  5. Late Night Phone/Book Time

    So this is sadly one of the traditions too, every night each one of us grab our phones and books and well its bedtime till the eyes are all puffy and straining with all the light and the reading tumblr_n69r6zIVgE1roi79do1_500.gif

page-breakhThis was my 5 Things list for the week on Traditions I Keep, what’s yours? Share your link in the comments and I’ll make sure to check em all out 😉


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