3 rules to a happier life -😊

More than often we find ourselves dwelling on the not-so-sunshine part of our lives and it’s unfair, really. Life isn’t, we are!

How much we get and how much we fail to appreciate. Let’s start being happy today with just three simple mantra and start now until forever — How you ask?9wrnd

1. Learn your passion and, enhance that talent

You can be a talker, that means you like people and socializing

  • Build it–
  • make a career out of it.
  • improve!

Each and every one of us have something that mostly we fail to realize because of the falsely built criteria or ‘good’ and ‘perfect’ around us. Don’t let the society or the culture shape you, let Your Dreams and Desires shape you.

2. Be Open to change and criticism 

Firstly, you’ll never be perfect, there’s always room to master more.

Secondly, we don’t live in a stationary world, so no reason of you being constant throughout your life!

3. Be independent 

You’ll be surprised how much you can do and learn.

Support yourself financially, physically, mentally. Need help? Find it! read books or talk to people or go out or save money- whatever works for you!

It’s that simple- but we fail, each day, every day. Why not start by just one step at a time? Trust me you’ll get there, because

Happiness isn’t a state, it’s an emotion. 

You don’t have to be smiling and feeling ever so bright to be happy, you just need not to be sad and crying all the time. tumblr_n7d1zhrd791smcbm7o1_500


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