Been there, Done that.

While the entire world is shaken by storm due to US elections, there are people in parts of the world that are in fact immune to the feeling.

Yes, I know how pathetically pessimistic it sounds. But what do you get to do anyway?

Trump being elected as president doesn’t guarantee bad fate for America or its allies but it definitely raises a big question on democracy.

I’ve seen and understood my share of politics, and ultimately made to believe how it’s unfair and not to be trusted. Pakistan has opted several times for an incompetent  political party to rule and while majority seem to be against and rant about it online and offline, the fact that they did get elected raises a big question on the silent majority and its power.

The current ordeal not only advocates for the power of the silent majority in any state, but also makes us wonder what they desire. What do they see that the social media-ranters and the activists fail to acknowledge, what is it that the Americans cast their valuable vote to the candidates declared unworthy by the other chunk. What made Pakistanis prefer tried and tested (and failed) organization as their leaders than those who claim to bring about change.

Today, as I type, I’d like to point out how we’ve been there, done that. The US president has been elected and well if you’re in hope to turn that around, you’re being delusional. Why not for a change, instead of ranting online or on streets, individuals actually become activists and make a change- let this democracy feel like one. While the United States suffered this ordeal that first time, I’m sure there are plenty others that have lived  with unfair elections.

Let’s end audacious comments and rants, accept and embrace our country’s fate and well actually physically taking an initiative towards a better tomorrow!


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