Leaky Cauldron in Islamabad

The Leaky Cauldron that’s in London? Wait, who said anything about London.

It’s not a news that Harry Potter long ago spread out to the entire spread of land and water. Today, there isn’t a child alive who doesn’t know his name.

A Fangirl always looks out for her fandom and well I simply definitely couldn’t miss out The Hogwarts Cafe in Islamabad! My trip to Pakistan was sudden and slightly tragic, too. But I knew I had to visit Cafe Thrones (more on that later) and Hogwarts while I’m there, so I did.

Love at First Sight

I was so excited that the entire trip I kept creating it in my head and although I warned myself to not expect much – my brain didn’t listen one bit. But I only felt ecstatic once I did reach the outside.

At first glance you see the main door covered in Hogwarts Emblem proudly staring back at you. The entire surrounding wall is full of letters (Post its by customers) imitating Dursley’s House.funny-email-animated-gif-1.gif


It keeps filling up every single day.

It gets pretty cool, pretty quick. Do you see that Deathly hallows sign on the end? well there’s more on either side of the entrance!

Hassan Khan, Ouj e Zahoor and Emad ur Rahman

The First of their Names
The owners of the Hogwarts Cafe
And the Blessers to the Pakistani Potter Heads
Our sincerest gratitude towards you all for giving Pakistan the spellbinding venue :’)

The cafe is not just a sight from the outside but also the interior takes you back to the Hogwarts Great Hall and sets your appetite right for the feast!

Floating candles at Hogwarts Cafe help set the magical mood

Oh yea there’s floating candles ofcourse, Quotes, Spells, Broomsticks – it’s all right there for you to stare and devour. oh but there, there is good food too! The venue serves themed food including a Dragonfire burger and Hungarian Horntail steaks, as well as  Goblet of Fire lemonade, Fire Whiskey and homemade butterbeer.

But that’s not all you Potterheads, the potter frenzy has just begun! You can even get your wands and time turners and if you have them already well there’s mugs and more for you to grab 😉

The cafe is the brainchild of three Harry Potter-obsessed friends

You can try some Butterbeer, Firewhiskey, Goblet Of Fire lemonade, and have some Hungarian Horntail steaks or Dragonfire burgers from Cho Chang’s kitchen.

The owners say they have been overwhelmed with visitors since they openedHogwarts Cafe is located in PWD, near Bahria Town in Islamabad.

And there are portraits on the wall as well. Unfortunately they don't move.

There’s plenty of reading material for those who want to get more acquainted with the Rowling universe. Even on the walls.

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thankyou very much.

Even on the walls.

Or you can just take a book to your table, and enjoy a magical journey with your meal.

In fact, there are small figurines on almost every table.

You can bring your own wand, or let one choose you while you’re there.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Start booking this place for parties already.

 “It’s like Dumbledore’s Army over here.”

-Cafe Owner

*Picture Credits : Hogwarts Facebook Page & Google


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