Humans of the World

Gaze in wonder
the shadows behind you and the ones right under;

Their Perceptible movement, declaring their existence
Let those eyes not see the wrath,
the ones that is bloodless, the ones that eternally last;

The screams of the quite, the memories of the past
The calm here is violent, kissing away my soul
I let them shatter me into pieces, my hair all over the floor

In the morning there’s darkness, obscurity and fall

In search of a light is my strayed sight,
wishing they’d hear my silent growl

Footsteps again, no weapon in sight,
my heart pounding in vain, the pain is might

Can’t move out the way, I can’t cross the lane
They see me lying there; they see me crying in pain,

I wonder if they have a heart, if they feel like us
Wonder as my sight stuck,
they catch and look away from my teary gaze

In awe I am left forever, the blossoms and glows have become my horror
For they come in solitude, the groups are pretentious
Their sight isn’t horrifying, but their inside is ridiculous

They believe in the visible
no one sees the dimness within me, that one that is befallen,

Blame me of the strength they took away from me,
of the cruelty I may own, shall they not purge

My vision on the sharp edges, piercing and long, aiming at me

The world comes to see, the rebel that my upheaval has become,
But they shall side with the monster, psychosis upon us

As I lay bleak, salivating blood,
my tears kiss the mud, they relish my agony

Being Colossal they blamed me, but the monster lies within them

In the prettiest of homes, simplest of streets
The monster walks past us daily, in the form that’s most ordinary,
Humans of the world.


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