My Dear Husband,

My Dear Husband,

I’m graciously grateful of Him for tying you to me. It’s been a long journey and, I feel I haven’t said it enough, haven’t told you how I’ve felt for a long time now.

I love you, a lot more than these words can possibly mean, more than I ever thought I’d feel for another soul, I love you for the countless blessings and numerous embraces. I love you, have done for a long time and always will. I love you, husband.

There is more that I haven’t said, more that I haven’t told you. I want to, but lack the audacity, today on our 25th anniversary, I’ll give words to the mountains of emotions concealed deep in my heart. Today, I choose to free myself of the burden that I’ve lived all my life. I hope, the father of my children, you’d take me as I am and from this day forward, be the friend that I thought you were.

You’ve personified an ideal husband, you’ve become the perfect father, you’ve never let me down and never missed a responsibility, you’ve always been a hero, our hero, you’ve never skipped a day at being what you are, and for that, my husband, I will forever be grateful. But my friend, you, I’ve missed you all these years.

At my birthdays, racing to wish me
At anniversaries, trying tirelessly to surprise me
At dinner tables, holding hands beneath it
At the coffee houses, stealing looks of me
At nights, embracing me
At parties, complimenting me
Making mistakes together, and laughing about it.
But my beloved friend, I’ve missed you the most during all of those days,
just being there and talking to me.

My friend, you’ve lost in the wind of a perfect world, and I can’t complain. Because if I say anything, I’d be the one to blame. I wish you could see how selfless I’ve been, wish you’d hear the unraveling trauma of my head while I pen down to free the serpent of my soul.

You’ve aced being a husband and a father, my heart hopes for you to be a better friend.

You’re loving wife,
and once-a-friend


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