Top10 Tuesday | Halloween Freebie!


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. This week’s topic is a Halloween freebie!

I’d be featuring 5 Paranormal and Spooky (and Peculiar 😉 ) Books that I’ve read.

I watch Horror movies but horror themed books scare the hell out of me – and make it impossible to sleep at night. Also I feel they’re more real and I can’t just look away for it to end :p

So anyway I’ll go from least to most creepy 😀 Enjoy!

5. The Grin Of The Dark by Ramsey Campbell

Like many adults out there, I’m also freaked out from clowns.The Grin Of The Dark puts you into the increasingly fractured mind of shamed movie critic Simon Lester, who hopes to fix his dishonored name by writing a definitive biography on mysterious silent film star Tubby Thackeray. Acted out in a clown get-up, Thackeray’s performances, the recordings of which have disappeared over time, reportedly drove audiences crazy, literally.


And, predictably, but not lamely, Lester goes loopy himself while trying to unravel the tubby one’s secrets. Campbell is at his scary best whenever Thackeray’s performances are described, and he’s funny as hell when depicting the psychologically warped manners in which Lester’s paranoia gets assaulted.scared

 I’d rate this one 5 on Yikes Level!

4. Hollow City By Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is one series that I enjoyed more than I should’ve considering how averagely its written. When I grabbed Hollow City, I was perticularly excited to read about the Journey of the Jacob through loops and well it was definitely interesting. I’ll soon post a detailed review on my blog, for now, a smaller version is up on goodreads.

There were scenes when I’d freak out a bit and had to make sure there’s light around me, wasn’t perticularly scary but yea it had those moments.tumblr_n2ypjeLXYu1qmzaheo1_500.gif

I’d rate this one 6 on Yikes Level!

3. The Shining by Stephen King

Stephen is surely the king of horror and here’s why.

When reading his books, even before horrors actually initiate, he creates an atmosphere where the reader anticipates every other line to creep them out and hence stays spooked for the rest of the book. It makes you doubt your own grip on sanity as you relate to the characters. The Shining is story of a drunk father hired as a resort caretaker. The resort is haunted and as usual the kid knows it! But you’re going to be freaking out many times as you proceed, a lot more than just ghosts and monsters. (I hope you don’t see the movie though) photo Horror.gif

 I’d rate this one 7 on Yikes Level!

2. John Dies at the End by David Wong (2007)

Two friends high on drugs are exposed to a lunatic array of monsters like wig-wearing scorpions, that threaten to infest the world. The book takes every pop culture trend of the past twenty years, peppers it with 14-year-old dick and fart humor, and blends it all together with a huge heaping of splatterpunk gore. This one is probably not going to be for everyone.giphy

However it does successfully blend laugh-out-loud humor with legitimate horror. Despite the absurdity there are thrills to be had with the grotesque monsters, the existential dread of facing things beyond your comprehension, and bugs staring out at you from air conditioning vents while you sleep. e4ozo

 I’d rate this one 8 on Yikes Level!

1. House Of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (2000)

You think you know about the same old classic horror – haunted house and all. But Mark rips it apart and then brutally yet beautifully puts it back together leaving you like


The product is both invigorating and mind-blowing enough to make reading another novel the same way again impossible once page 709 is done. You’ll need a hard shrug once the book is finished, but you’ll also have just experienced sheer brilliance.

I’d rate it 9 on Yikes Level!

So these are my spooky books :


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