5 Things On Sunday | Fall Favorites

Hey there Bookworms & Bloggers, Hope ya’ll having a lovely weekend!

I love Lists and when I saw this Meme, I knew I had to participate. A weekly meme started by Kendra on her blog and it looks real fun. so let’s begin! Today’s topic is Fall Favorites and well here’s my list of 5 things I love about Fall .

raw.gif1. Colors

There’s something Life-like in Autumn Colors. They’re not all happy and bright like summer, or really beautiful like spring, not even blue and dark like winter, but a little bit of all of that. Autumn shows us just what we need to understand in life, that each not-so-perfect phase is needed to make us ready for the next change.

2. Celebrations

While the West celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween Like, the east have Back to School and Black Friday to look forward to.

Tons of other celebrations come along in the month of October and we all just  love those vibes around us.

3. Refreshed Vibes

Which brings me to my next favorite thing, I absolutely love autumn for the ‘let’s-start’ enthusiasm it has. With summer just ending and winter round the corner, people are all ready for work and refreshed enough for productivity.

4. Steady Pace

Being a Marketing Strategist, I find Autumn quiet steady paced compared to other weathers.

It’s like this middle time before the storm and after the tornado :p

5. Best Dresses

I put this in the end because I know many would disagree but I totally love fall for the clothing options it brings.

It’s not too cold so you don’t have to be all covered up hiding whatever you’re wearing, not too hot that you put aside all your fancy and full sleeves or even your jeans.

I like to dress in casual most days, jeans/pants with shirt and a light jacket and fall lets me do just that.

Fall Wardrobe

This was my 5Things list for the week on Fall Favorites, what’s yours? Share your link in the comments and I’ll make sure to check em all out 😉 


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