BTB – Reads that changed Me

I came across Karen’s blog and loved her Thursday Meme of ‘Beyond the Books’  and loved the theme for today.

October 20- Talk about a book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

You’re more than welcome to participate and share your post links in the comments below or pingback to Karen 🙂

KissinBlueKarenI decided to pick not 1 but 3 books (Click on Books for Purchase Link) for this Meme as they all have had significant impact on my views and I’d love to share it with my favourite community 🙂 The books I’m gonna talk about are:

  1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo
  2. The Five People You Meet in Heaven By Mitch Albom
  3. Azazeel by Yousuf Ziedan

9780722532935I read The Alchemist when I was only 12 and it changed my perspective on life, the book took me a week to finish as I had to close it and look at my life at that point. It made me believe and dream and fall in love with Coehlo. After Alchemist, I never missed the author’s work and always cherished his books, each rich in literature and intensely inspiring. Alchemist made me the person I am today, fiere in a way, grounded in the other. It helped me have faith in myself even when every force and reality suggests otherwise, I’ve always recommended the book to friends and more often than not I hear how its overrated, I feel people read it for the sake of the story or entertainment, its beyond that, so if you read it or plan to read it, do share how you felt 🙂

images-3The Five People You Meet in Heaven is exactly as it sounds but much more. When I picked up this book I wasn’t aware of Mitch Albom or that he writes such books but I was intrigued by the title and how less satisfaction the cover offered. As I read the story, I was hooked and taken aback just in the second chapter.

Albom talks about life from a perspective I didn’t think or knew before, he emphasizes roles of stranger in our lives and how sometimes without realizing we create such a big impact on lives of others, such as this book in my case.

The story is intense with wit, there’s romance and friendship and fear, I found myself giggling and sobbing as I progressed. The book made me become a better person and embrace my surroundings, not take people for granted. But the most it taught me, is to own the decisions we made and the choices we opted. I’m glad I picked it up at the bookstore when I initially went to purchase a George Martin Fiction – Hope you all would read this one too.

images-2The third book in my list is Azazeel, recently found and still reading, it’s a piece of life penned down by not one but many authors of many times. This book by Yousef Zeidan originally published in Arabic but translated to english after winning an award in Fiction.

Azazeel literally means the name of the devil and in this book the narrator calls himself that. Its allegedly a true story of an Egyptian born Monk from over a century ago who was conflicted at heart and mind by his religion and desire.

The book would make you see yourself more clearly, understand your inner desires and beliefs and how sometimes reality and what we believe as truth isn’t  remotely the same. I’m yet to discover most of the story but I know it will forever be in the list of books that influence. It’s such intense and thought provoking that I had to put it down here. I didn’t hear about it before, my boss (who’s an Egyptian) told me about this book and persuaded me to read it, I’m only glad he did.

Have you read any books that changed your perspective or views or simply influenced you? Do share in comments below!

You may comment your links to your own BTB this week down in the comments below 🙂


7 thoughts on “BTB – Reads that changed Me

    • Oh Karen you must read Azazeel – it’s one of a kind!
      and The Alchemist is just the best – not your usual fiction, it’s much more deep and intense.
      And thank you for hosting a great and fun meme, looking forward to next week 🙂


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