Start Over

“When Life Give you Lemons, Make Lemonade”

Life happens in ways that we aren’t always left at our best, but it’s still worth trying and it still helps to move on. I have been down for a long time due to same old social recession, questioning my decisions and freaking out about career, wondering if I’ll ever publish that book and whether there’s more or this is it. I’ve been almost at the verge of a complete nervous breakdown but then something pulls me up.giphy-3

This wasn’t the first time I had my drama queen phase on, I’ve been there many times and I’m sure you all can relate. Although I’ve seen myself develop significantly over the years taking responsibility and dealing with it without throwing my mess at other, because let’s face it, everyones got their own shit. Last few days let me look over the years and how I’ve come from ‘oh so suicidal’ to ‘meh-I’ll be good’ and damn was it hard!giphy-2

I learnt how ranting to others isn’t just venting it out, its venting it grow bigger because not everyone can understand and definitely not everyone will be sincerely worried so let’s just keep our act together, but the question is, how?

The answer is just that, simple, and right there, Start over! Every once in awhile you will feel low, you will question your existence and definitely hate yourself or others, realize how in this huge mess of a life, this is merely one day that’ll pass, just like the most embarrassing speech in childhood, longest weird conversation with parents, uncomfortable moments with strangers, and all of the times that you thought your life couldn’t get worse and it did but that was it and over and well frankly, we all laugh about it some time or the other.

If we just let ourselves believe how its just one time, no matter how grandeur or worst, it WILL pass and that it won’t affect our lives forever. No achievement is it you know, even nobel prize winners are forgotten, then how can one rookie mistake or one bad day or one exam failed or a young breakup can stamp your entire life? It won’t!

Let yourself cry as you laugh, let yourself embrace the bad with the good, take life like it is, not complex, not miserable, simple, in its very own mysterious

So even during your worst, Smile, because well if it won’t help the pain, at least it’ll make you look stupid enough and work as a good distraction :p


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