Loosing Relevance

Naiha A. Mir's Blog

I woke up one day and forgot what it’s like to live.

The day started with the alarm going on and my tired eyelids forcing themselves to reveal my half shut, tiresome eyes regretting the late night hours spent on a stupid device. It’s the same morning, same alarm, and same me, dragging my bulky body towards the dingy bathroom.

Every step feels heavy on my head, my sight still blurred, I grab my pink toothbrush and struggle to apply the paste. Frustration rising each second, ounces of anger nibbling my mind. Cold water splashes on my face and my eyes wide open, not a dream, not a nightmare, reality, this is reality.

A long usual stare at my once-blushed face, so pale, so lifeless. I leave from home with the same disappointment as always, another day down the lane, another day wasted. Cursing and agitated, going to work too was a struggle. I…

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