The Orphan.

Loved like a child, he was raised with pride
Trained to survive, he was taught to live his life…

Taught to fight the pain, taught to fight his fears,
what a lucky child, his parents always treasured his smile

Though old he grew and man he was, parents were there for him as a support
still helping him with each step, the mother who walked him miles in childhood
respecting him in every sense, the dad who had him spoilt as much as he could

To them he was still a kid, fed by hand and watched with glee
with him their life felt complete, to their happiness he was the only seed

Typically human, he didn’t realize,
his decisions were made but the parents’ thought didn’t coincide

his moving away wasn’t a moment of bliss
yet his parents never barricaded his independent life

living in his own house,
lonely he felt day and night
called his parents to stay over, to stay with him most of the time,

weekend passed, it was time to go, he walked them down the street , help them pass the road
he held their hands and walked them slow, step by step took them to home

Lonely again he wanted them near, called and urged for them to be here
parents they are, loved his child, though late night, they came rushing through the miles

On their way, they hit a bus, dad survived but not the mother
though 19 he couldn’t live alone, a father he has but a mother he won’t

nerves all numb
he stood in silence for a while

Standing in the rain, waiting outside the street
Eyes on the road, staring at all moving feet

Would you come back, would you please?!
oh mom I need you bad, would you come back to me.


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