Losing a Friend

You chose to walk away when I least expected you would
and you beg me to believe, you would’ve been there if you could

Today you’re one person, but tomorrow you’ll be another
personalities so different, have nothing to do with each other

My endless sobbing and the heartache I feel
isn’t for my repenting soul but for you my friend in need

I wish you could see, what nightmare you’ve become
I wish you knew a hand you could hold

It hurts to lose a friend, it gives you the saddest frown
and out of all the people when you bail, it’s like kicking me while I’m down

I regret believing in you more than anything else I’ll ever do
I wish I could collect back the ache, but you ensure it’ll be done with grace

You’ve given me the most, counting is impossible
smiles, happiness and so much to be grateful for

Guess it’s me; the unthankful one, so im glad i’m being punished well
what I deserve is on its way, the worst I could imagine is on my plate

I have a few beside me, I love them too
so dearly I do, just not as much as you

Only if u could feel it for a day
what you were to me and how you took it away

It’s impossible to understand how much one can change
now seeing the worst I’ve learnt to control the rage

Now I can be better for the one that I love
giving him all from the world, much more than he deserves

But before that there’s a game ill play
Where I close my eyes and slowly fade away

Because a part of me still can’t believe it’s true,
but in this place, I can’t understand why did I ever love you.


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