A Day off Work.

I’m usually wrapped up with work 24/7. A work-a-holic who proudly fills her schedule with To-Dos all day long. I’ve had days where I had to choose between showering or eating as there was only enough time for one, and days when I missed my night sleep just to grab a few hours of peace of mind. Regardless, I never regretted my busy schedule, happy to have a productive day working and studying and helping out others, while I particularly enjoy every bit of my ever busy days, sometimes break is a good thing.

Yesterday, was one of those days, I went straight home from work and cancelled all of my scheduled classes, no To-Dos or checklist on my back that day. Sooner than I would’ve thought, I was swirled up in sad thoughts and felt unproductive and almost sulking into depression when the bell rang and suddenly I was surrounded by a bunch of tiny humans, well its good to have cousins walk in surprisingly when it’s not a workday. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad of having babies literally dancing around my house in the middle of a weekday.

Their ever so content faces and their crooked smiles with half broken teeth are all that a heart needs to melt down. Their never-ending list of questions and amusement over the smallest things in life just makes you wonder how much of life around us there exists and we fail to acknowledge.

Drooling over their joy, I laughed on the floor with, danced on the bed, played with my food and smiled like there’s no paying back, ever. And for once, in a very, very long time, I forgot about time, about tomorrow, about sadness, for those prolonged minutes of absolute insane laughter fits, gesturing freely and mimicking, my soul felt as light as a feather.

Walking in the boxes of the tiles, repeating every sound of every machine around, scanning over the entire room to finding something amusing, feet and hands both hugging the ground, a pleasure we truly fail to seek. Suddenly life went magical, where voices and smiles were enough to feel happy, to play, where no more needs were raised, no more urgency or vain efforts to please oneself and others. My heart smiled.

Skipping rope and falling to the ground, laughing till you almost die. Making noises as devouring the favourite drink, waiting for their stare and bursting into laughter again. Running like a dog is chasing, but expressions so amusing, it is infectious as you stare.

My day off from work was a day well spent, for someone who doesn’t count a day spent being unproductive, I think I’d rank this one the top of the list. The children, no longer than a foot (or 2) taught me to live again, to feel good, to see the magic, to not be frightened, to not hold back, to always standing no matter how hard the fall.

I went to bed with a smile so wide, my cheeks ached and begged me to never take a day off. My heart sighed, brushing off relief, swirling memories of pure contentment and joy.



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