Phase out the Not-So-Happy

Every few months I’m forced out of my happy wizard world to see and face the cruel world. I’m usually not ungrateful and don’t take things for granted let alone people or relationships but today isn’t one of those days. Sometimes I just can’t channel any of my optimism and feel dried out of affection and emotions. I want to sit in a room full of people and talk; given no one knows me and is a complete stranger, and later I can obliviate them like Granger.

I’m sure all of us feel similar now or then, so how do you react or respond to situations like that – when the world is just one big hole you wish you’re weren’t trapped in? Well for one, understand that we don’t get everything and that we shouldn’t complain about that, rather keep count  of all you got, both good and bad. You’ll then see how good you’ve actually got.

Sure its not always possible to think rationally let alone blur out the downs, sometimes its close relations and the pain is too real to let go or distract ourselves from, know that you’re not alone, it still is very usual and happens to every soul sent down to earth.

During those days or even months, its important you realize that you’re not particularly unhappy, you just feel that it’s so unfair when people behave a certain way without even considering the consequences of their actions or that you deserved more than you’re really blessed with.

A lot of life around you bothers you inside out and there’s nothing you can do about it except control how it makes you feel – well that’s all the control needed, isn’t it? Wondering it’s easier said than done? Not quiet. There are always parts of you who see the light, you choose not to which is a whole different story, but no human can possibly be in complete denial of the good and the blessings around them.

I could go on and on listing common situations and relatable reactions but who wants to read what they already know? Let me just get to the part where I try (hopefully successfully) to help you phase out the not-so-happy days.

We’re not good judge of ourselves ( despite what most say) we’ll always try to defend our actions and justify what we did and hence miscalculate what we deserve or want. It’s simple, we do shit all the time and get away with it, not so fair now is it? Let’s not complicate our lives any more than it already is, okay?

What we have is definitely always a blessing and there is always someone who wants it more, no person is superior or greater in what they have, its just different and also not what you may think you see. Don’t let the worldy standards apply to your idea of happiness and choose what makes you happy, choose wisely and then regardless of all those you’re deprived of, somehow you’ll manage to survive happily.

And if nothing else works for ya, know that whatever it is, it ain’t gonna last 😉


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