Joys of a Lifetime

Darkness descending to light, the first cry
Cold Breeze kiss, a warm embrace

Footsteps on the stairs, a home full of stains
Neglected health and hair, Clothes unchanged

Laughter echoing in the bedroom, Smiles all the way
Food all over the floor, Mouth left dry

Endless conversations, years passed by
Contentment and satisfaction, anger and goodbye

Raging and Screaming, Embracing and blaming
Morning Walks, Midnight Cravings

 Pencils and colors, books and drawers
pink beds and blue, salon and parlours

Sent off to a new home with a guy unknown
Time to bid farewell, to say the last goodbye

Eyes teared up, flushed cheeks as she sobs
Giving me away, looking at him now

I lost my life, lost my pride
something of my own, a hand of support, a shoulder to cry

and then I welcomed it again
Today, as a reflection in the mirror

The light and the embrace,
I witnessed,
Joys of a Motherhood.


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