Happiness in a Box!

Most of you would know about the Subscription boxes offered all around the globe by various businesses. For those who don’t please allow me to enlighten you to a magical world 😀

There are boxes you can subscribe to and they send out themed goods to you monthly! Subscriptions are made on websites or social media profiles and range from one-time or monthly to yearly.

There are 100+ boxes for kids,adults, fashion freaks, geeks etc. This post would focus on subscription boxes for Bibliophiles – yup thats right, only YA boxes listed. The prices of these boxes vary from company to company but fall under $30 (OR SR. 200/- OR Pkr.3000/-)

I’ve tried and read about many companies and they’re all equally amazing, but some simply standout. Listing all of the existing and running YA subscription boxes for you, lemme know if I missed any.

  1. Owlcrate
  2. Nerdy Post
  3. Lit Joy Crate
  4. FairyLoot
  5. OwlPost.pk
  6. The Bookish Box
  7. Uppercase Box
  8. Illumicrate
  9. My Bookish Crate
  10. The YA Chronicles
  11. Monthly Prophet Box
  12. Bookly Box
  13. Absolutely Booked 
  14. The BookShook
  15. The Book Drop
  16. LitBundle
  17. Beautiful Madness  Book case

While most of them are based in UK, we have some from America, Australia and some from Pakistan as well, they all ship worldwide ( I think) I’ve added links to their respective sites/pages so you can check it out.

There are also many options for kids, Bookroo and Bookawoo are just two of the ones I know of. Will be researching if any of you need it. 🙂

The boxes are pre-booked for the month usually they sell out within two weeks so subscribe to stay updated!

Hurry up and grab one while you can. Give them a try and trust me, you won’t be disappointed! 😀

Also if you’ve ordered from earlier, share your experiences or pictures in the comments below.ou

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This blog has details of Book Boxes with Prices



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