June Wrap Up – Movies Edition

A lot of exciting things happening around us this summer, let me hover over some interesting stuff from June and leave you a teaser for the upcoming month.

First of all, I’d be listing Movies (Awesome Movies) that came out this month ¬†with a little brief and IMDB Link for you to follow details, if you want to know further, feel free to write to me.

1. The¬†Neon¬†Demon –¬†Usually Horror Movies don’t top a release list but this one would – its unusual and evil (in a cool way) but of course it’s not recommended to watch with kids or family but try to get a few friends tho. Skip this if you’re not into horror movie at all, but if you enjoy psychological horror, well this ones going to make it to your top 10 horror movies.

Horror ♥ Thriller ♥ R ♥ 8.9/10

2. Me Before You¬†– Based on Jojo Moyes’ book, this movie has hauled the cinemas all over the world ( where it was screened, obviously). It’s a romantic drama with a rating 5/10 and can be watched with friends and family.

Romance ♥ Drama ♥ PG-13 ♥ 7510

3. Finding Dory¬†–¬† The sequel to Finding Nemo; a legend among animated comedy, met the expectations of its viewers. While this comment wouldn’t be enough of appreciation to a blockbuster but in this case, it¬†would suffice given a large number of audience and their high ( and more) expectations of the movie. It was enjoyed by kids and adults and received great appreciation from critics too, which explains 8/10 rating.

Animated ♥ Adventure ♥ 8/10

4. The Shallows – It’s a no watch if you can’t stand a lot of bloodshed. Some would say it’s a modernised version of jaws, well it did remind me of that a bit with the sharks and the beach and hot girl. I guess I shall say no more :p

Romance ♥ Drama ♥ PG-13 ♥  7/10 

5. The Conjuring 2¬†– For horror movie fans, The conjuring series have become a brand they don’t want to miss and why should they given how great these movies are. The fact that they are inspired by real life situation is intriguing enough but the directors add horror in bits spread¬†throughout the movie, rating¬†8.6/10 ( pretty damn high for a horror)

Horror ♥ 18+ ♥ 8.6/10

6. Now You See Me 2¬†– ¬†This is another sequel and I confess of being a HUGE fan of the first NYSM. I loved the characters and the entire movie was so cool.¬†I didn’t hear about this movie until it was late June and watched it to only love it! Rated 7/10, it’s as entertaining as the first one do not make you say ‘oh like the first one’. There would be an alleged third part so look out for that one ( Or just follow me, I’ll inform you!) But if you’re not a fan of the first then meh-skip this one out.

Thriller ♥ Action ♥ PG-13 ♥ 7/10

7. Warcraft¬†–¬†A movie based on our favorite game show! It was highly anticipated by all the gamers out there and well they all gave up their game time for the entire movie and applauded in the end. Enough said about it being good, for the rest of you, warcraft is a movie based on two worlds and how they fight for what they want. I don’t like giving spoilers at all and always feel that we shouldn’t know a lot before we watch or read so I won’t be saying much. If you do need a thorough review though, you may request one from me and I’d oblige ūüôā

Fantasy ♥ Action ♥ PG-13 ♥ 7.5/10

8. Central¬†Intelligence¬†–¬†A Comedy spy movie that’s guaranteed to give you a few laughs. It’s better than your usual weekend movie and highly recommended for a good time. Can be watched with friends and family, great to watch in summers ūüôā

Comedy ♥ Spy ♥ PG-13 ♥ 7/10

9. Genius – Again inspired from a real-life situation relation so is intriguing. Its different than the same biographies or documentaries and will actually give you a ¬†good time. Not recommended to watch with family and friends as it’s a little too dry for that. Otherwise, great for night time watching.

Biography ♥ Drama ♥ 6.8/10

10. No Stranger than Love – A Light romantic comedy with the usual girl-boy drama and trouble. You’d enjoy this on any day and the beautiful Alison just makes it even more worthwhile to watch. The rating is lower than I feel this deserves, maybe the critics go for more unusual stuff. Anyway, its great for slumbers or family get togethers ūüôā

Romance ♥ Drama ♥ PG-13 ♥ 6.5/10

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out of the shadow – Well like¬†Harry Potter and Star Wars, this movie needs no introduction. Ninja Turtles have always been appreciated and enjoyed and though the generation has changed, the likes haven’t completely morphed. It’s more adventurous, darker, more fighting and all the more better. You’ll definitely enjoy it, yes even girls would like it!

Fantasy ♥ Sci-Fi ♥ 8.3/10

12. Independence Day Resurgence¬†– Highly anticipated turned¬†disappointing. This movie has a good plot ( I felt) but it’s not so much of entertaining as the other ones listed here. I feel youngsters would enjoy it ( it’s PG 13 but I guess doesn’t have to be) much.¬†The rating of this movie is 6/10 and critics were not happy ( so am I ) but I feel its not a complete waste of time. Its available in 3D and has some good effects but overall, not the best one of the list

Fantasy ♥ Sci-Fi ♥ 5.6/10

There were many more releases this month apart from the above, but I only included the ones recommended watching!

For July you can look forward to these babies :AW405651_04

  1. Star Trek Beyond
  2. Ice Age : Collision Course
  3. Into the Forest Starring Ellen Page
  4. The Legend of Tarzan Starring Alexander Skarsgard
  5. The Infiltrator by Brad Furman
  6. The secret life of Pets ( 3D) By Chris Renaud



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  1. So maybe I’ll go with your recommendation and reviews as they’re quiet on point for the ones I’ve watched ūüėÄ


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