Stop and Smile.

Whining is pretty much what we hear every other day; be it, a child for losing his toy, an adult over a breakup, an elderly on their loneliness or a country on its poverty. It’s alright to vent out but it’s dangerous when that’s all we do. The children eventually get over losing their toys or loved ones and pretty much everything else too, only until they’re 10 (today’s 5). That’s when they become a part of our world, a world where it’s either a win or a tragedy.

We grew up learning how loss is the first step towards success, I distinctly remember my family’s casual attitude on my loses over the years. Were they not worried, one must think, but they made me believe that the experience weighs more than the price. Today I look back and only remember the achievements and gains, but all those disappointments, setbacks and failures made me the person I am today. The modern era follows a rather different school of thought. True that competition and challenges bring the best out of you but that doesn’t justify using tragedy synonymous to loss and failure. Why did we stop appreciating the fruitful journey? When did we rule out learning?

Being a 21st century born, I belong to more than one generation. The amalgamation has only been overwhelming, rising conflicts and falling ethics are all the rage. It makes us wonder when did we start obsessing over worldly things to an extent where we lost the concept of spirituality and simplicity. We talk about civilization and peace in a world full of hatred and terrorism, meanwhile, people behave like barbarians. Today, we have lost all our values and aims. Today the false promises, breaking hearts, lying, cheating, killing, betrayal, everything seems ordinary, we live in a world where falling of stock prices are given preference over the martyred 100+ children. It’s disgusting more than its sad. We would sensationalize anything for money, status, and popularity. Nothing precedes these worldly comforts in the eye of an individual of today.

Only if we realized what we’ve become, we can act to change it. We complain much much more than we appreciate. Ever stopped to smile for a child or to be thankful for having all that you have? If not, today is the day. It’s never too late to start living, all you have to do is look around with a better perspective.Coffee-SmileIt’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful world as Elvis explains it and I agree with the man. This place holds so much for every single one of us, yet we cry and run monotonously after all of the meaningless and worthless of things. Our lives today are grieving and suffering for no reason at all.

The key to happiness is embracing our existence. Ever hated a helpful person? Ever found a kind and humble man unattractive? No. We don’t realize how little of a meaning these hold, we underestimate the good there is in life. In reality, the truth is always beyond what naked eyes could see.

Smile Today, for a better tomorrow

Smile by Naiha A. Mir for NMLifeinWords


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