I wish a generation who isn’t as shallow as we are.

I have all sorts of hypothetical and realistic discussions with my husband and there’s one topic that has the highest density: Children’s upbringing.

Belonging to a Gen Y population ( more commonly known as a Millenial) we’ve seen the passing of not one but two generations. We’ve also lived through the technological era and the time before, so it’s only common for us to consider how we choose to raise a kid in this world of abundant knowledge and exposure that is as easily harmful as it is beneficial.

Our discussions range from extensive outdoor sports and no technology til 10 years to healthy eating habits and informative ways to learn about bodily needs, from trips to scientific centres/museums to visits to amusement parks and beaches savouring nature, from bonding with family and friends to learning languages and arts. It’s only normal for a parent to want to teach their kid the most in their capacity, to be able to nourish the mental as well as the physical part of him/her. But there’s one thing to take note here. We’re lucky to have enough education, exposure, understanding and resources in this world to demand better for our kids and hence instead of making them just a better version of ourselves, we should help them be their best possible selves.

Humans aren’t born with prejudice but we teach them to favour, to perceive. Parents teach their kids words, colours, shapes, beliefs, and it is parents who also teach their kids judgement, discrimination, racism, insensitivity. Kids pick up on not just what we show them but what we say, our movement and even how we feel around certain objects and people. It’s very crucial to monitor and try to neutralize all of what we are and feel and do around our kid. It’s not an easy thing, for sure, but those few months make a human that would go on living for years, decades on this planet, so let’s tread carefully.

With multiple laws against harassment, discrimination and development in human rights, in general, has led to a more consciously aware society but I’ve seen the world today make fun of how people have gone intolerant and take offence to the tiniest bits of jokes, it wouldn’t be such if the world truly was all-inclusive.

I know that the world sees me differently because I’m a girl. I know the world hears me differently because I’m fat. I know that the world perceives me differently because I prefer words over videos or because I truly dread phone calls. I’ve always felt out of place because my personality was different than those who surrounded me. Where many enjoyed sitting idol on the ground staring at no one and nothing, in particular, I preferred visiting the library and took pleasure in doing homework of whoever asked. I was yelled at for never leaving my book behind as I had to carry one ( course or fiction) EVERYWHERE I went. My closest friend doesn’t understand my anxiety or most of my personality for that matter to date – despite explaining myself time and again – and hence I’ve only tired myself of such worldly explanations that would never help because I’ve finally understood that the world is simply not ready yet, we, the Gen Y are judgemental and unaccepting but that’s not the world I see for my kids.

All my arguments and desires end here, whatever or whoever my child be, I NEED her/him to be All-inclusive. Welcoming to the world around us, in all ways and forms. Accepting each living and breathing human, respecting each form and type. Not ever, even for a second, categorizing humans based on their traits, physical or mental but understanding who they are, whatever and however that may be.

I wish a generation who isn’t as shallow as we are.


My Netflix List!

We all have lists and I thought I’d share mine with you all.

I don’t watch many movies but I do love series and the very good ones make the cut to my brief list!

  1. SuitsImage result for SuitsThe favourite so far – the stories, characters, dressing, dialogues everything in this show is impeccable. I would give it a 5-star rating with a 100% must watch! It’s intense but in a good way.

  2. Good PlaceImage result for Good place

    The perfect feel-good and light-hearted series to end your day. The characters are fun and the plot is pretty interesting, there are bits of life lessons in there that makes it a little more interest and oh I’m SO in love with Tahani’s accent.

  3. GirlBossImage result for girlbossWhat a shame that the series got cancelled – I really really liked watching it. Would’ve been super inspirational. 

  4. OzarkRelated image

    Can I call it my new favourite? Initially, Jason Bateman made me watch it but then it kept on getting more and more interesting. The characters in this series are truly remarkable, the growth and depth are just so fascinating. Truly recommended for adults as kids might not find it interesting at all and also because of violence and language. 

  5. That 70s ShowImage result for that 70s showNo details needed. It’s the second go-to after F.R.I.E.N.D.S 🙂 enough said. 

  6. Great NewsImage result for great newsConfession time – I have the biggest celebrity crush on Briga Heelan! I mean she’s gorgeous – a good actor and just super, super adorable. and hot. The series is fun too, but I mostly watch her :p 

  7. Riverdale

    Image result for riverdale

    I don’t know why I watch this – it bugs me, I hate the plot and just feel its all to blah – but I like the retro feel. I liked it initially coz of the whole comics but its nothing close to it. It’s dark and dramatic and childish and sometimes super lame. 

  8. Grace & Frankie

    Image result for grace & frankie

    Everyone should watch this – I repeat, EVERYONE. It’s just the cutest series I’ve ever watched. love ALL the characters, the plot is amazing and it keeps getting better.

IMG_7025Other favourites

  1. 13 Reasons WhyImage result for 13 reasons whyI really want to do a sole post on this. I have much to talk about it. Let’s pick a time and a date?
  2. Gilmore GirlsImage result for gilmore girlsToo bad it ended, its #1 in my list of #1 series :p absolute favourite!

IMG_7025I never imagined I’d be hooked onto some sort of TV but well I didn’t know Netflix would be the new TV. I love Netflix and spend half of my days binging around movies and series but I do not advocate the teen and young to do the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe watching TV gets us exposure and teaches a lot in many ways, language, culture, even morals but I can’t emphasize the need of physical activity, socialization, reading & writing and other non-tech related living. I’m trying to actively push everyone around me towards a lifestyle less addicted and dependent on technology. Let’s see how it goes – I for one have tried to limit my use as much as I can.


The Princess Switch

I just finished watching The Princess Switch on Netflix and had a few comments so thought I’d use this space for a quick review.

The movie just released yesterday ( 16 November 2018) and since it was Friday ( and I was sick and home alone and binge-watched ALL of my lists) I watched it the same day. It stars Vanessa Hudgens. I still remember her from High School Musical and didn’t know I’d love her so much. She’s grown a lot as an actor.

The Movie Plot

Well, it’s not a chick flick but maybe a little close? A light feel-good movie. Better than I anticipated and doesn’t get you bored at all.

The Characters

Apart from Hudgens, I wasn’t familiar with any of the cast but liked em all the same. They’re all believable and the daughter is super adorable!

The Ending

I wouldn’t give out any spoilers as the movie has JUST been released but I really liked the ending.

At first, I was like oh okay that’s what’s going to happen, so predictable. But then – it gets a little better. The small part of one of the dialogues ‘a year from now, if you’re still…’ just made the story a whole lot better.

If I were to rate it I’d give it a happy 4 stars and would recommend it for a light free time movie. It’s good to watch with colleagues, friends & boyfriend/girlfriend.

Have you watched the new Netflix Xmas release? If yes, let me know your thoughts!

Learn more about The Princess Switch on IMDB here

Silence Speaks – A Review


Title: Silence Speaks

Author: Paul Goldman

GenrePop Poetry

Pages: 106





The thread that weaves these meditative poems into an exquisite tapestry is silence. Beneath the cacophony of our modern age, Silence Speaks offers a sweet refuge spent in silent moments listening to the sound of no sound.

Warning: the journey to quiet reflection is addictive. Surrender will happen.

Silence Speaks offers no less than personal transformation, a deep inner awakening to yourself as divine in nature.

Read what other people thought about the book.


My Review

Poetry and I go a long way back. It was my knight in shining armour, my saviour, my first encounter with literature and my first love.

Words hold so much power and meaning was a fact known to me only after reading Shakespeare and there my journey began.

Rumi’s madness, Poe’s passion, Dante’s intensity, Whitman’s narrative, Leave’s longing… all sparked an inspiration deep in my heart that has only grown ever since.

I know, it’s not fair to put all the legends in one sentence, probably even less so when I’m reviewing pop poetry of a new author, but I wanted to emphasize my love for prose before I declare my interest in pop poetry or Instagram poetry as it is now referred to.

I read and really liked Rupi Kaur’s Milk & Honey and though I don’t advocate it being referred to as ‘poetry’ we can say the contemporary poems are now the demand and hype. Paul Goldman’s Silence Speaks is the like.

The book is a compilation of varying pieces by Goldman, each with an intense depth and each different than the other. I was truly intrigued by the title, as some of you may know, my love for oxymorons is every growing and Goldman truly sparked my interest. The cover seemed a little blurred which put me off but wasn’t the worst.

Some pieces are definitely better than the other, my favourite from the book was this:

Do you Remember? by Paul Goldman


I’d recommend it for light reading, it might inspire some of you to write prose of your own, who knows…

I’d probably try reading more by the author to get his style and who knows, maybe I’d enjoy it more then. I’d also like to Congratulate Paul Goldman for getting his poetry out there, every new publish is a win.

Have you read Silence Speaks? What do you think about it?


© Naiha Abid


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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)

The weirdest Aussie Slangs

There’s a lot you learn and discover when you first move to a new country; the culture, the trends, the fashion, the economy and of course the language. It’s well established that Australian accent is not always easy to understand but I had no clue that Australian English was nothing like the English I know and learned growing up, it’s different and far from both British and American English. For starters, they have a slang for every word and it’s just ridiculous sometimes :p

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that because it’s hard for me to understand ( Read: It IS hard for me to understand)


  1. Australia – Down under / Straya
  2. Australians – Aussies
  3. Afternoon – Arvogiphy (1).gif
  4. Biscuit – Bikky
  5. Broadmeadows – Broady
  6. Barbeque – Barbie
  7. Burger King – Hungry Jacksgiphy (2).gif
  8. Breakfast – Brekkie
  9. Chocolate – Chocky
  10. Chicken – Chook
  11. Cup – Cuppa
  12. Cockroach – Cockie
  13. Cigarette – Ciggy
  14. Documentary – Doccos
  15. French Fries – Chips ( If you say fries they DO NOT understand, Once I had to repeat myself several times and resorted to just googling an image and then got – Oh, CHIPS!)FairInfantileArcticduck-size_restricted.gif
  16. Football – Footy
  17. Garage – Servo
  18. Laptop – Lappy
  19. Macdonalds – Macca’s
  20. Mosquito – Mozzy tenor (1).gif
  21. Registration – Rego
  22. Pregnant – Preggas
  23. Salvation Army – Salvos
  24. Smoking – Smoko
  25. Tradesman – Traddie
  26. Tasmania – Tazzy
  27. Tennis – Tenno
  28. Toilet – Dunnytenor (2).gif

Still sure you wanna come to Australia? Well, it is ridiculously pretty out here. :p

You might have heard or seen some or all of the below, let me know if you ever had an embarrassing encounter with Australian slang.


Before you leave, I’d very much like to know where you’re from and how you dropped by on my blog so let me know in the comment section below 😀

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