Let the stars shine bright

The ocean and the sea in the night and its glee

The sunshine’s departure as the moonlights revealed

My dying love for you as I grow stronger

Camaraderie of solitude and unparalleled satisfaction

Comforting words in nature’s pleasant sight

A moments promise to spend my life as I

And then the stars shine bright.


HAPPYLAND: A Fairy Tale in Two Parts – A Review



Author:  Tes Mekonnen

Genre: Supernatural Fantasy / Sci-Fi Fantasy / Historical Fantasy

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Short Review: A tale of intriguing adventures of peculiar children mixed with time travel, war and romance told with unique historical pictures.



It’s recommended to fans of Caroll, for those who liked Heartless and enjoy the like.

He doesn’t know.

With every kiss that leads somewhere, my mind drifts into thoughts of getting his body away from mine

When talking about love I wonder if it’s true and if it’ll stay, if he’s really here for good

With every smile that passes my lips, my heart wonders if I’m happy if I deserve it, is he the reason behind it?

All the gatherings and touching base with this world, I’m always stalling, so uncomfortable in my own skin

Days fly by, nights are frightening, the nightmares that haunt my sleep are alien to him

Depression or anxiety, excitement or delusion – I’m a person of matter with dark thoughts clouding my mind, my problem not his.

The pointed shards of my broken heart poke my insides and tear me apart nothing he can mend, I’m not his property

The pieces of me are irrevocably lost, I’ll let them drown in the ocean of dust as he can’t even if he wanted to find me

It’s just that the world of me in unknown to him

The reality of me, he doesn’t know…

Honestly, What are we doing?

I’ve come here to write on my worst of days, on my best of days
with no expectations, somedays for no audience

I talk, I vent, I whine
sometimes with reason but mostly for retrospect

Today is no different as I look back on the days I grew up
because I had to, because I was forced to

Childhood shapes you and maps out the course of your life
memories and experiences, traumas and appearances
it’s all laid out for interpretation, for reflection, for improvement, but mostly underestimation

I was growing up, making a life, living as we know it
I failed and fell, stood up and stumbled but overcame all the cries and regrets

Life still isn’t fun most days, every other thing seems to be ruining it
relationships, choices and all of what makes life, it is also what breaks it so completely

so honestly, what we are doing here?

I wish a generation who isn’t as shallow as we are.

I have all sorts of hypothetical and realistic discussions with my husband and there’s one topic that has the highest density: Children’s upbringing.

Belonging to a Gen Y population ( more commonly known as a Millenial) we’ve seen the passing of not one but two generations. We’ve also lived through the technological era and the time before, so it’s only common for us to consider how we choose to raise a kid in this world of abundant knowledge and exposure that is as easily harmful as it is beneficial.

Our discussions range from extensive outdoor sports and no technology til 10 years to healthy eating habits and informative ways to learn about bodily needs, from trips to scientific centres/museums to visits to amusement parks and beaches savouring nature, from bonding with family and friends to learning languages and arts. It’s only normal for a parent to want to teach their kid the most in their capacity, to be able to nourish the mental as well as the physical part of him/her. But there’s one thing to take note here. We’re lucky to have enough education, exposure, understanding and resources in this world to demand better for our kids and hence instead of making them just a better version of ourselves, we should help them be their best possible selves.

Humans aren’t born with prejudice but we teach them to favour, to perceive. Parents teach their kids words, colours, shapes, beliefs, and it is parents who also teach their kids judgement, discrimination, racism, insensitivity. Kids pick up on not just what we show them but what we say, our movement and even how we feel around certain objects and people. It’s very crucial to monitor and try to neutralize all of what we are and feel and do around our kid. It’s not an easy thing, for sure, but those few months make a human that would go on living for years, decades on this planet, so let’s tread carefully.

With multiple laws against harassment, discrimination and development in human rights, in general, has led to a more consciously aware society but I’ve seen the world today make fun of how people have gone intolerant and take offence to the tiniest bits of jokes, it wouldn’t be such if the world truly was all-inclusive.

I know that the world sees me differently because I’m a girl. I know the world hears me differently because I’m fat. I know that the world perceives me differently because I prefer words over videos or because I truly dread phone calls. I’ve always felt out of place because my personality was different than those who surrounded me. Where many enjoyed sitting idol on the ground staring at no one and nothing, in particular, I preferred visiting the library and took pleasure in doing homework of whoever asked. I was yelled at for never leaving my book behind as I had to carry one ( course or fiction) EVERYWHERE I went. My closest friend doesn’t understand my anxiety or most of my personality for that matter to date – despite explaining myself time and again – and hence I’ve only tired myself of such worldly explanations that would never help because I’ve finally understood that the world is simply not ready yet, we, the Gen Y are judgemental and unaccepting but that’s not the world I see for my kids.

All my arguments and desires end here, whatever or whoever my child be, I NEED her/him to be All-inclusive. Welcoming to the world around us, in all ways and forms. Accepting each living and breathing human, respecting each form and type. Not ever, even for a second, categorizing humans based on their traits, physical or mental but understanding who they are, whatever and however that may be.

I wish a generation who isn’t as shallow as we are.