Hello and welcome people, Let me get you acquainted with all that I post on my blog.

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I read almost all genres but favorite is fantasy! I review books that leave an impact, good or bad.


4fa939e676a8c205687848100c968771apples-script-demo.regular (2)ย Series hit me hard! A couple of Worlds I live in apart from this earth are just hinted here and there on my blog.



apples-script-demo.regular (1)ย My new goal this year, trying to live up to own set expectations and goals, wish me luck and support me maybe?



apples-script-demo.regularI’m a bit new at this, getting there, one post at a time, my bujo is on its way, fancy is the word!



Oldest Hobby of mine, I’ve indulged in mysterious writings for as long as I can remember.



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Such cool memes my fellow bloggers have going on around me thought my contributions would count ;).


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I wanted to do more of review and unboxing videos but they keep layering up in my to-be-edited pile. I hope I get the time and the guts to someday post em all :p


Before you leave, I’d very much like to know where you’re from and how you dropped by on my blog so let me know in the comment section below ๐Ÿ˜€

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